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Liquor Direct To Your Door From the Manufacturer? Sorta

by | Oct 31, 2014 | alcohol beverage law

As we know, the three tier system generally flows as follows: manufacturers sell to wholesalers, wholesalers sell to retailers and retailers sell to consumers. Of course, there are a variety of exceptions from state-to-state. Most notably for wineries shipping direct to consumers and craft distillers in some states can sell to consumers from their distillery or a farmers market. Of course, many craft distillers hope the direct to consumer rules that govern wine shipments will one day also apply to spirits, but in the short term shipping spirits from state-to-state is problematic. Some states even prohibit use of common carrier, like FedEx and UPS. But LIQS Cocktail Shots is one of the first non-wine and non-craft brands to market itself as selling to consumers.

LIQS is a mixed shot sold in its own shot “glass.” According to a recent release, LIQS is “now delivered directly to your doorstep in 35 states.” But it’s not LIQS or its parent, Passion Spirits, making the delivery. The website says Passion Spirits acts on your behalf to purchase the products from a licensed retailer in your area and the retailer delivers the product to your door.

“We’re really excited to share LIQS with these new markets through our web-store,” said Michael Glickman, Founder of LIQS Cocktail Shot. “Our goal is to elevate the shot experience by offering the unique combination of convenience, portability and quality and our online expansion will allow us to deliver it to the masses now.”

In practice, this seems to work like the various apps now available for alcohol delivery, such as DRIZLY and Thirstie, where the order is placed with a local retailer, like FTD does with flowers, to have product delivered to your door. Although LIQS is, perhaps, one of the first manufacturers permitting purchases direct through its website, we can expect more to follow.

If you do plan to venture into this area, be sure to check your state rules. Some states, like New York, have very specific rulings regarding how these apps or sales must flow.

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