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CA Bill Would Require Responsible Server Training

by | Feb 22, 2016 | alcohol beverage law

Unlike many states, California law does not require employees serving alcohol to consumers to complete any responsible server training courses. Rather, it is optional and a practice that some corporate restaurant groups require.

A new bill proposed on February 17, 2016, would establish the Responsible Interventions for Beverage Servers (“RIBS”) Training Act of 2016. Beginning July 1, 2020, on-premise employees who sell or serve alcohol, including managers, must complete an approved RIBS course within 3 months of employment and every 3 years thereafter.

“The bill would provide that an approved RIBS training course include information on, among other things, state laws and regulations relating to alcoholic beverage control and the impact of alcohol on the body,” according to the Bill summary.

For full text of the proposed Bill, click here.


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