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Delivery.com Buys South Florida Based Klink

by | Apr 17, 2017 | alcohol beverage law, Beer, Delivery, Distribution, Florida

The world of home delivery services for alcohol has been growing steadily. One South Florida based delivery service, Klink, has recently been acquired by delivery.com, a delivery service company based in New York that delivers food, groceries, laundry, other products, and now alcohol.

Klink, founded in 2013, was one of the earlier providers of on-demand alcohol deliveries direct to consumers. The company which operates on both the iOs and Android platforms is available in Miami, Washington DC, and Dallas. Initially the startup began at the University of Central Florida when two of the founders were students there. The initial plan was to target college campuses, but Klink quickly changed its strategy and started targeting larger metropolitan centers.

Delivery.com has been looking to expand into the same markets as Klink and offer alcohol delivery service as a compliment to its other available delivery items and services.

Jeffrey Nadel, CEO of Klink who spoke with the Miami Herald said, “we are confident this will be a huge value-add for both our customers – who will be able to order food along with their beer, wine and spirits purchases – and our retail partners, who will have access to a wealth of new customers.” Nadel added, K”link customers have been clamoring for an offering that combines booze and food almost since Klink’s launch.”

The transition and merging of both companies will be completed in the coming weeks. The exact terms of the deal have not been disclosed.

By: Oren Cytrynbaum

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