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Is my business allowed to ship alcohol to customers?

by | Jan 30, 2023 | alcohol beverage law

Because of lockdowns and quarantines in recent years, more customers now enjoy the convenience of home delivery for many purchases. Groceries, prescriptions, and even fast-food items arrive right at the consumers’ front doors. Additionally, more shoppers are purchasing items from retailers that will ship directly to them. In fact, some savvy Florida entrepreneurs are starting businesses, including alcohol sales, that abandon the conventional brick-and-mortar store altogether in favor of DTC services. 

How does this work for alcohol sales? 

Because more customers are demanding the shipment of many items directly to them, the rules for direct-to-consumer services are relaxing. This includes alcohol sales although the change in this industry is moving slowly. Those who work in the alcohol industry understand how the government carefully regulates every aspect of the product. Any entrepreneur wanting to join the DTC market for alcohol must do the following: 

  • Obtain a license by registering with the appropriate state and federal agencies. 
  • Know the laws governing their industry, whether winery, brewery, distillery or retailer. 
  • Remain compliant with any federal, state and local tax requirements. 
  • Keep impeccable records of every transaction, both with customers and suppliers. 
  • Create an age verification process for their purchasing system. 
  • Use only those carriers that have federal approval for shipping alcoholic beverages. 
  • Know the laws for each state they ship to. 

The laws pertaining to DTC alcohol sales are evolving constantly. Violating the rules related to alcohol sales can carry serious consequences, including the potential for the loss of one’s license or even felony charges. Having skilled and experienced legal counsel every step of the way may minimize these risks. 

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