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Can private clubs in Florida sell alcohol to any visitor?

On Behalf of | May 29, 2023 | alcohol beverage law

Many Florida residents join private clubs where they can socialize with fellow members, perhaps, play sports together and enjoy many diverse activities. These facilities may or may not have a license to sell or serve alcohol. A private club is not eligible for a liquor license unless it has been in existence and functioning for two consecutive years. There are also specific laws regarding the serving or sale of alcohol once a license has been obtained.

Under state beverage laws, only members of a private club may buy or be served alcohol at the club. The members are also the only people who are permitted to consume alcohol on the premises. A member cannot purchase or request alcohol, then give it to a non-member. Members consuming or purchasing alcohol in a private club must be age 21 or older.

Containers and volume must be in compliance with beverage laws

In addition to selling and serving alcohol in a private club in Florida only to members, the alcohol being served cannot exceed 1.75 liters per serving. A private club can only serve alcohol in individual containers. There are also rules regarding how small a container can be.

Any alcohol served in a private club in Florida must be consumed on the premises. If a non-member of the club acquires use of the premises for a private party or social event, the standing regulations and state beverage laws still apply, meaning no non-member may purchase, receive or consume alcohol at the club. Anyone facing legal problems stemming from alcohol issues in a private club may wish to consult with an experienced business law attorney for guidance and support.

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