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North Port named Florida’s drunkest city

On Behalf of | Sep 24, 2023 | alcohol beverage law

Alcohol remains in demand across the United States, with more than 6% of adults, or 16 million people, reporting heavy alcohol consumption during the past month. Florida is among the top states to drink alcohol, given its reputation as a popular vacation spot. Recent data suggests that the state’s drunkest city is North Port 

Alcohol use in North Port 

Researchers determined that North Port, which includes Bradenton and Sarasota, is the Sunshine State’s drunkest city after reviewing the percentages of women and men reporting binge or heavy drinking in every state’s metros. Metro data was gathered from multiple 2022 sources, including county health ranking information. 

The study showed that nearly 24% of people in North Port drink heavily, which is higher than the more than 20% who drink heavily in Florida overall. The metro area’s median household earnings are also higher than Florida’s overall number (more than $62,000 versus more than $57,000). The North Port metro has a population of more than 821,000. 

How a liquor license attorney can help 

Now may be a wise time for an aspiring business owner to get a liquor license in North Port or other parts of Florida considering the state’s popularity among libation drinkers. A liquor license attorney in Florida can help a prospective grocery store or bar owner complete the necessary steps to acquire a permit and license to serve and sell alcohol. The attorney can also ensure his or her client remains compliant with federal, state and local alcohol laws long term. 

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