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Florida has fewer excessive drinkers than US average

On Behalf of | Oct 19, 2023 | alcohol beverage law

Fewer adults in Florida reported drinking alcohol excessively in 2020 than across the United States. Seventeen percent of Florida adults said they were excessive drinkers, while the national average was 19%. Here is a look at which counties were identified as having the most excessive drinkers. 

Parts of Florida with the reportedly heaviest drinkers 

According to the research, 25% of adults in Monroe County reported drinking excessively — more than in any other county in the Sunshine State. This was followed by St. Johns County with 23%. Saratoga and Citrus Counties both reported having 22%. 

Excessive drinking includes heavy and binge drinking. Heavy drinking for men involves consuming 15 or more drinks per week, and for women at least eight drinks a week. Binge drinking for men consists of consuming at least five drinks. 

How a liquor license attorney can help 

Monroe, St. Johns, Saratoga and Citrus Counties may be promising areas to launch a Florida business offering alcohol. An attorney in Florida can guide new retailers in applying for liquor licenses, which includes processing the necessary paperwork. The attorney can also help business owners comply with local and state government regulations and modify their licenses if needed (e.g. if they change their hours or business names). An attorney can also represent a business owner before the state’s licensing authority if the owner is accused of violating the state’s alcohol regulation by selling alcohol to minors, for example. The attorney will work to protect his or her client’s best interests in every scenario. 

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