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Top beer in Florida according to recent study

On Behalf of | Nov 7, 2023 | alcohol beverage law

According to recent research, each state, including Florida, has a preferred beer. These top beer options were determined based on an analysis of data from an online site that gathered consumers’ real-time beer scores. Here is a look at Florida’s most popular beer according to the study. 

The beer Floridians like the best 

The Hunahpu Imperial Stout beer from the Cigar City Brewing Company in Tampa was described as Florida’s most popular beer in the research study. The beer stands out for its flavor due to undergoing double-barrel aging. This beer received a score of 4.79 from more than 1,600 ratings. 

The Hunahpu beer features 11% alcohol. It is a U.S. imperial stout, which is known for its rich, full and strong taste. The beer offers a spicy flavor due to containing 50% apple brandy and 50% rum. The black beer also contains various notes ranging from toasted nuts to dark chocolate and cinnamon. 

Why hiring a liquor license attorney is wise 

Individuals interested in setting up businesses that sell beer like the Hunahpu stout in Tampa or other parts of Florida would be wise to hire a liquor license attorney. An attorney can help these aspiring business owners acquire liquor licenses for their liquor stores, bars, restaurants, hotels or wineries. They can do this by properly filling out and submitting the necessary applications to the local boards responsible for the enforcement, licensing and distribution of alcoholic beverages in their communities. The attorney will ensure that his or her client’s best interests and legal rights are safeguarded every step of the way. 

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