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Odd Florida laws related to drinking alcohol

On Behalf of | Dec 2, 2023 | alcohol beverage law

Florida has several bizarre and outdated laws that many people may not be aware of. Some of these weird laws pertain to the consumption of alcohol. Here are a couple of notable Florida laws dealing with drinking. 

Laws related to alcohol bottle sizes and water skis 

One section of Florida’s law relates to champagne and wine container sizes. According to the law, selling wine in individual containers holding over one gallon each is illegal. The only exception is if the containers are reusable and can hold 5.16 gallons. 

Another strange alcohol-related law in Florida involves safety on water skis. The law prohibits intoxicated people from water skiing. The same is true for people who are drug-impaired. 

Hiring a liquor license attorney 

Trying to understand all Florida laws related to alcohol consumption and sales can be daunting for an individual interested in opening a bar or another alcohol-serving establishment, like a restaurant. Fortunately, a liquor license attorney can help an aspiring alcohol retailer or restauranteur comply with these laws. The attorney can begin by helping the individual secure the necessary permits and licenses for opening their establishments. The lawyer can also help the individual review and draft contracts with vendors and suppliers. 

A liquor license attorney in Florida can furthermore help new bar or restaurant owners review and negotiate leases for their establishments. The attorney can additionally help them understand their liability as business owners serving alcohol and take the necessary steps to safeguard themselves from lawsuits. The attorney will strive to ensure their rights and best interests are protected at each stage of the business ownership process. 

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