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What Florida law says about to-go alcoholic beverage sales

On Behalf of | Dec 24, 2023 | alcohol beverage law

Many restaurants in Florida offer buy-one-get-one alcoholic drinks, leaving some patrons wondering if they are allowed to take their second alcoholic drinks to go. The answer can be found in a law introduced in July 2021. The law allows establishments to deliver or sell alcoholic beverages under particular circumstances. 

Taking alcohol to go 

According to the 2021 Florida law, establishments licensed to sell alcohol must place their alcoholic drinks in securely sealed containers with unbroken seals to prevent their customers from immediately consuming the beverages. These drinks also have to be placed in visibly transparent containers or bags with dated receipts. This will allow police to determine if the containers have been tampered with or opened. 

Florida law also requires people who transport alcoholic beverages in unsealed containers in their cars to place these drinks in locked compartments or trunks. In addition, they must purchase food along with the alcoholic beverages. The vendors they purchase the food and alcohol from must additionally have current food service licenses and avoid selling alcoholic beverages after midnight or beyond their food service hours, whichever cutoff time comes first. Distilled spirits cannot be sold to go. 

Why hiring a liquor license attorney is wise 

Individuals who wish to establish alcohol-serving businesses should ideally contact attorneys as soon as possible. A liquor license attorney can help an individual obtain his or her license and comply with federal and state laws governing alcohol sales, including delivery and shipping. The attorney can additionally represent an alcohol retailer accused of violating one of today’s complex liquor laws in Florida. 

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