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Getting a liquor license may become easier in Horseshoe Beach

On Behalf of | Jan 19, 2024 | alcohol beverage law

Restauranteurs in Horseshoe Beach may find it easier to obtain Florida liquor licenses moving forward. This is because State House Rep. Jason Shoaf has proposed a brand-new bill to make this happen. The move is being made to help boost business in the town, which was heavily damaged in Hurricane Idalia. 

Rundown on the proposed Florida bill 

Restaurants in Horseshoe Beach currently cannot offer alcohol unless they can serve 150 patrons and span 2,500 square feet. However, the new bill would decrease these requirements to 50 patrons and a 1,700-square-foot space. This would enable more restaurant visitors to order alcoholic drinks with their meals in Horseshoe Beach rather than having to travel 25 or more miles away to visit other restaurants that can offer alcoholic beverages. 

Shoaf stated that the new bill may provide more opportunities for anybody to open a new eatery in Horseshoe Beach. It may also help existing restaurant owners expand their product offerings. The goal is to help revitalize the city’s economy following the financial blows it suffered from the COVID-19 pandemic and Hurricane Idalia. 

How a liquor license attorney can help 

Business owners interested in offering alcoholic beverages in Florida should ideally contact a liquor license attorney right away. An attorney can help an aspiring retailer understand and comply with local and state government liquor regulations. The attorney can also help the individual apply for a license or modify an existing license if necessary. Liquor license attorneys can represent business owners at alcoholic beverage and tobacco division hearings if violations or disputes involving their liquor licenses arise as well. 

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