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Florida cigar store’s liquor license suspended

On Behalf of | Feb 5, 2024 | alcohol beverage law

Liquor licenses in Florida can be suspended for a variety of reasons, ranging from serving minors to overserving customers and not maintaining the appropriate records. In the case of a Florida cigar store whose liquor license was recently suspended, the reason was multiple complaints of noise from neighbors. The liquor license suspension occurred in Tampa. 

Events leading up to the liquor license suspension 

Tampa’s City Council held a hearing on a recent Thursday to discuss Grand Cathedral Cigars’ liquor license. They ultimately decided to ban the popular bar’s license for seven days. This was a lighter penalty than what the council initially sought — a 20- to 30-day ban. 

The City Council reached this decision after determining that the bar’s patio, where patrons are served drinks, was not part of the establishment’s original plans. This violated the bar’s license, according to the council, which voted 4-3 to ban the license. The license ban will take effect on Feb. 12, 2024. 

Why hire a liquor license attorney? 

People in Florida who are interested in starting or taking over a bar, a restaurant or another establishment that sells alcohol will likely benefit by consulting with a liquor license attorney. An attorney can help ensure they comply with state laws to avoid having their licenses suspended. The attorney can also provide legal representation for anyone facing an accusation or violation related to Florida’s liquor laws. This representation can be provided in court or before the state’s liquor authority to help a business owner regain their license. 

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