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Is there a set number of liquor licenses in Florida?

On Behalf of | Feb 20, 2024 | alcohol beverage law

When someone is trying to get a liquor license, they may hear that there are a set number of these licenses that are provided within the state, and that this doesn’t change. Another business owner may tell them that it’s very difficult to get a license because the state only allows so many to exist at any given time. If that quota has been met, you are out of options.

If you have heard these types of rumors, please note that this is not how the law works in Florida. Other states may use different systems, so people who move to Florida will sometimes get confused about the differences in the law.

But under Florida law, the amount of liquor licenses can always change. It is based on a ratio of one license for every 7,500 residents. So, if the state increases in size and there are more residents in a specific county, more licenses are made available. There is not a set number, such as saying that there can only be 5,000 liquor licenses in the state of Florida. The number is always in flux and there are options to get a license for your new business.

What steps do you need to take?

That said, this does show you that the state strictly controls how alcohol is sold and distributed. It is important to have the proper license, and losing a license can be highly detrimental to your business.

For this reason, you absolutely need to know exactly what legal steps to take. It can be very beneficial to have an experienced legal team to answer your questions and provide guidance when things get complicated.

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