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New Jersey proposes two new bills, S1172 & S1173.

On Behalf of | Feb 22, 2024 | alcohol beverage law

Recently we have seen two new bills be introduced to the state of New Jersey, S1172 & S1173. These bills propose exciting changes that could potentially impact the craft distillery scene in New Jersey.
Bill NJ S1172 proposes to increase the production limits for craft distilleries, ultimately allowing them to manufacture up to 100,000 gallons of distilled alcoholic beverages. The bill would also potentially eliminate tour requirements for on-premise consumption. This signifies that patrons would be able to consume craft distilled beverages without being obligated to participate in a tour. And lastly, this bill would allow craft distilleries to sell snacks on their premises as well.
Then we have, Bill NJ S1173. If passed, this bill would allow craft distilleries to sell mixed drinks along with mixed drink ingredients for consumption off the licensed premises. It would also authorize direct shipping by craft distilleries. This would ultimately give craft distilleries access to new markets for sales and distribution. Additionally, this bill also introduces the Out-of-State Craft Distillery license 3e, which would allow out-of-state craft distilleries to apply for licensure in New Jersey.
If enacted, these bills could bring significant growth to New Jersey’s craft distillery industry. As of now the bills remain in committee, indicating that they are still being examined and reviewed before potentially advancing any further.

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