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What should breweries and wineries know about shipping alcohol?

On Behalf of | Jun 29, 2024 | alcohol beverage law

Many breweries and wineries choose to sell their products only in person, but that may not always bring in the income they need. To expand their reach, some opt to offer online sales and shipping. Any winery or brewery owner who opts to ship alcohol must ensure they’re following proper procedures for doing so. 

One thing to remember is that each state has specific regulations regarding direct-to-consumer alcohol sales through shipping. This can make it a real challenge to implement a direct-to-consumer shipping program. 

Start small

For those who are just venturing into direct-to-consumer shipping options, it’s best to start small. Choose one or two states to ship to so you can learn the regulations. Once you’re familiar with those, add a couple more. When you’re dealing with alcohol sales, it’s best to expand slowly to ensure you don’t do anything that will lead to legal trouble or fines. 

Choose a shipper

Some shippers, such as UPS and FedEx require you to have a signed contract and meet certain requirements to ship alcohol through them. Before offering shipping from your winery or brewery, it’s best to learn about the shipper’s policies so you know how everything, including packaging and labeling, has to be handled. 

The last thing any small brewery or winery needs to get into legal trouble. With this in mind, it’s typically best for them to have someone on their side who stays abreast of regulations and limitations regarding shipping their goods. Protecting your business is a primary concern, so remember to take your expansion into direct-to-consumer shipping slowly. 

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